Summer Style

Last night (despite the crazy weather), I went to my friend’s eighteenth birthday party. It was an enjoyable night with good food and great company. Seeing as it was quite a humid and warm day here in Melbourne, I decided to wear a summer dress I bought last year (it could have even be the year before last) from Zimmerman. I love this dress because of it’s unique pattern and vibrant colours. It is also very feminine in it’s shape and is just fun to wear!

I paired the dress with a pair of heels I bought back in the day from Lisa Ho at Chadstone (before it shut down… #sadface). I actually wore these shoes to my debutante ball, and find them super comfortable. This makes them the ideal shoe to wear to a party where you know you might be dancing or walking around.

To carry my phone and lipstick I used my white Lisa Ho beaded clutch that I also used for my debutante ball. Being white, it is quite versatile and is easily matched with any outfit. It also compliments the colour of the pumps I wore, which is a bonus!

In terms of makeup, I kept my eye makeup very minimal, and only accentuated my lips with a Shanghai Suzy lipstick of the shade ‘Miss Mia Foxy Hibiscus’ (matte). For my hair, I opted for a simple hairstyle and curled my hair with a GHD straightening iron. A few people have recently asked me how I curl my hair with the GHD iron, so if anyone is interested, leave a comment below and I will make a “How-to” blog post.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Chelsea Elizabeth xx


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