Frenchy’s Spring Racing Series: A Reflection

Can you believe that the Spring Racing Carnival is already over? This year is just flying by, and the racing season is no different!

From the very shoes on my feet to the colour of lipstick I choose to wear, I love putting an outfit together.

Last week I attended three racing events, which meant I could play around with a few different looks. In this blog post I am going to share each of these styled outfits with you, as well as my various approaches and tips that extend to all types of events!

Outfit Repeating?

Before we begin, it is important to note that we live in an “Instagram age” where the influencers and fashion bloggers we see online are rarely ever pictured in the same outfits. Every event they attend, they sport new and exciting pieces. What we often forget as viewers though, is that these individuals are often gifted or have their dresses and accessories lent to them from stylists and brands. It is unrealistic (and quite pricey I might add too) to purchase new dresses and accessories for every event you attend. So when you do go to buy a new frock, remember to pick one that is a classic, and that can be adapted to suit different looks.

I challenged myself this Spring Carnival to re-wear as many outfits from my wardrobe as possible. Only on the last race day did I wear a new dress, and all other pieces were recycled from my wardrobe. As someone trying to build an online presence, I know that constant change is sought after by readers and viewers. How else can you keep an audience interested? So for all the dresses I had already worn, and previously posted pictures of on Instagram, I re-styled their “look” to make them appear different to how I had worn them before. I had a lot of fun planning this out, and am very proud of the results!

Kennedy Oaks Club Luncheon


This luncheon was held at the Crown Palladium and celebrates women in racing. I wanted to wear something that was both feminine and elegant, and decided this white Alex Perry dress would be perfect for the occasion. I paired it with black accessories to create a contrast in colours, and then wore a red lipstick to bring colour into the outfit.

Kennedy Oaks Day


Oaks Day is known as ladies day, but is often referred colloquially as “Blokes Day” because of the many men who attend for the sheer purpose of seeing the women (or maybe they are genuinely interested in the racing)! I wanted to accentuate my feminine side on this day, by wearing soft colours both in my clothing and my makeup – and what better colour to do this than blush pink?

I wore a Manning Cartell dress, which can be perfectly described as fun, flowy and feminine! I paired it with black suede shoes to tie in with the velvet belt, as well as to add some richness in texture. I also opted for a soft makeup look, which complimented the outfit and the theme of the day.

Emirates Stakes Day


Stakes Day or “family day”, is a more casual race day event. With a 29 degree weather forecast, I knew I had to prepare something that would keep me cool, but also protect me from the sun. I purchased this dress from Manning Cartell a couple of months ago, but decided I would debut it on Saturday. It is another ultra feminine piece, and the puffed sleeves make it very regal and classic. Fun fact – Priscilla Presley wore the top that was made in the same style of this dress for Oaks Day.

I decided to pair the dress with pastel blue, since pastels have played such a big role in Spring Fashion this year. I wore a headpiece from Ford Millinery, which I borrowed from my mum! The headpiece softened the overall look of the outfit, and made it more race day appropriate.

Can you believe it is over already? 

For someone who did not attend any race days last year, I certainly made up for lost time last week! I had so much fun dressing up for each of these events, and am grateful to have shared such special memories with my family and friends. I am already looking forward to next year’s carnival!


Which of these looks was your favourite – Oaks Luncheon, Oaks Day or Stakes Day? Leave a comment below!

Chelsea Elizabeth xx



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