How to Get Fit and Stay Fit this Christmas

The silly season has officially begun, and with it comes an abundance of food and drink. By the time Christmas day arrives, most of us are left feeling heavy, bloated and lethargic. Not to mention that exactly one week later, we will already be celebrating the New Year with a bang!

To avoid the aftermath of overindulgence, I want to introduce you to Kari from Kari On Training. I recently sat down with Kari and asked her to share some of her best tips in getting fit and staying fit this holiday season… and yes, it really is possible!


Why is now the perfect time to start working out?

The best time to start exercising is always now. Some may have lost their path in health and fitness over winter, as the cold weather does not really make it easy. No matter what though, it is important to take any opportunity to start now!

Now could be on Monday, New Year’s day or, it could even be as random as a Thursday. Make your healthier and happier self happen as soon as possible, and when you do start, you will have wished you had done so months ago.

How can those stuck in an exercise rut get motivated in time for summer?

There are many ways to get out of a rut. My first advice would be to sign yourself up for a challenge. This could be a fun run, a fitness event, or even my New Year New You Challenge. Write down what it is that you want to accomplish, and find the best kind of training to help you achieve your goals. Commit to your goal by sharing it with your family and friends, who will keep you accountable for your actions. Better yet, get a friend to train with you so that you can motivate each other and most of all, have fun!

What is the best kind of workout? H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training)? Cardio? Yoga? A combination?

A mixture is always best, as you want your body to continue to learn and adapt to different movements, to avoid a plateau. Doing a combination of H.I.I.T and strength, along with cardio and yoga is a fantastic balance. Yoga and pilates are especially important to incorporate into your workout, as they allow the body to repair and stretch between training.

What foods should I avoid over the holiday season to feel my best?

It can be tough to maintain clean eating over the holiday season, which is why I believe it is best to load up on vegetables and choose lean and clean proteins. If you are going to a celebration and know that there will not be many healthy choices, try to have a snack at home before going. This will mean that you will not be hungry and therefore will not have to make any unhealthy choices!

When it comes to alcohol, try to have plenty of water and stay hydrated. During the warmer weather, you might be inclined to have an alcoholic beverage simply because you are thirsty. If a glass of wine is in front of you, it will go down pretty fast! This is why you should make a conscious effort to drink plenty of water between sips of wine or other alcohol, in a bid to stay hydrated.

How can I bounce back from overindulging on Christmas day?

Drink plenty of water to hydrate the body, and eat light meals the next day. Try to keep it clean and fresh. Christmas festivities generally come with heavier food and high-sugar desserts, so enjoy a light breakfast the next day that could include an egg white omelette with some tomatoes and spinach. Then, continue to have smaller meals throughout the day to let your stomach digest your meals from the day before.

Stick to lean and clean meals for a post-Christmas recovery!
How many times a week should I be exercising over summer?

Keeping in mind that everyone has different fitness levels, I would try to aim for three sessions a week with an array of exercises. These three sessions could be divided into strength, H.I.I.T or circuit, and a light cardio or yoga/pilates session, which would make a fantastic combination! Always listen to your body though, and if you are having a week where you are feeling lethargic, just try to move outside into the fresh air and walk around instead.

What are your top five favourite workout songs?

I love a mixture of dance and R&B, so these are my favourites when it comes to working out or running:

Diamonds – Rhianna

When Love Takes Over – David Guetta and Kelly Rowland

The Way I Are – Timbaland feat Keri Hilson

The Longest Road – Morgan Page

Drunk In Love – Beyonce

Thank you to Kari for sharing such great advice! For those wanting to learn more about Kari and her work at Kari On Training, click here.

Chelsea Elizabeth xx

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