Travel Journal – Lisbon

Day 5 – Portugal

Standing on my balcony as the ship docked in Lisbon, I knew in an instant that I loved this place. I was drawn by the picturesque housing, with each varying in colour. The city was so compressed, with houses virtually squished next to one another; they were not new either. They were tired, and some even faded. Yet there was something so beautiful about this aged city…

One of the bright and colourful trams in Lisbon.

We docked in Lisbon at around 9am, and for that day we had scheduled in a shore excursion. This meant that we were straight onto a bus tour, with a focus on Lisbon’s Águas Livre Aqueduct.


The tour in itself was quite interesting. We were even able to walk along the Aqueduct, giving us the best vantage point in the city.

Wearing Maje shorts, Country Road tee, Mimco scarf, Tommy Hilfiger cap and Seed Heritage shoes.

After the tour ended and we became Aqueduct experts, we explored the city for as long as we had left before the ship departed for the next port. This was when the magic happened – when we were finally able to try Portuguese egg tarts, or, as the locals call them, Pastel de Nata. They are simply an outer pastry crust that is filled with egg custard and then baked. To say they were delicious is an understatement!

Pastel de nata.JPG
Pastel de Nata…

It was sad to leave Lisbon knowing that there was so much more to see. I am already dreaming of the day I return there, a day when my taste buds will finally reunite with the incredible Pastel de Nata…

Stay tuned for the next Travel Journal on Bilbao.

Chelsea Elizabeth xx

P.S. All pictures in this post belong to Frenchy, so please seek permission before using them.

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