Travel Journal – Cadiz (Seville)

Day 3 – Sea

On my third day away from home, which was the second day of the cruise, we were at sea. This meant that we had a whole day to explore the ship and soak up some Spanish sunshine!

We enjoyed most of our day by the pool. There was a DJ playing some tunes while we sipped cocktails and ate gelato. I remember it being such a warm day even though we were at sea, with no land in sight!

Day 4 – Cadiz & Seville

On the third day of the cruise, we docked in Cadiz, Spain. We decided to do a shore excursion that would take us to the splendid city of Seville. We hopped on a coach at around 7:45am that would take us all the way there in an hour and forty-five minutes.


The streets of Seville were stunning. Some were cobble-stoned, and the each of the houses that we passed had their own personality. Some were of bright pinks and blues, while others were aged, and told their own story.


In a matter of hours, we visited the Cathedral, the moorish Casa de Pilatos and my personal favourite, Plaza de España.

Alcázar of Seville #ceilinggoals
Details at Plaza de España

A buffet styled lunch was provided at the Hotel Macarena, where we were able to mingle amongst other tourists before we returned to Cadiz.

The sun was shining, the people were friendly, and the sights were incredible. What was not to love about Seville?

Upon returning to the ship, there were 4th of July celebrations. We watched an interactive theme party, which incorporated performances by professional dancers and musicians. This eventually turned into a party for all, with live music, cocktails, and even a cake decorated like the U.S. flag.

Stay tuned for the next Travel Journal on Lisbon, Portugal.

Chelsea Elizabeth xx

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