July Favourites – Travel Edition

Can you believe that July is nearly over? Time really does fly! Before July turns to August though, I thought I would share my favourite moments from this month with you all.

Lisbon, Portugal.

I am finally back in Melbourne after one whole month of being away (take me back already please) and because of this, I thought it would only be fitting to centre this post around my travels!

In no particular order, here is my favourite…


There were so many beautiful places that I visited throughout my trip. My favourites included Lisbon, La Coruña, and London.

Lisbon, Portugal.


I really treated myself while I was away #sorrynotsorry. In terms of dishes, I thoroughly enjoyed sharing tapas in La Coruña, and having ‘cicchetti’ (small side dishes) at an Italian restaurant of the same name in London.

I do not have the biggest sweet tooth, but a little treat I found in Spain was Kinder Joy, which I was soon obsessed with. Inside Kinder Joy are two chocolate wafers sitting on top of a cream white and milk chocolate (#missthemalready). I also loved the ‘pastel de nata’ in Portugal, which are egg tart pastries.

Lisbon, Portugal.


This is such a tough one, as you all know that I love to shop. In Spain, Zara really stood out. The quality and variety was so much better than what we get in Australia – not to mention that the prices were much more affordable too!

In the UK, Mum and I first visited the Bull Ring shopping centre in Birmingham, where our cousin Harry showed us around. I have to say that the shopping in both Birmingham and London was incredible! I especially loved Selfridges, Topshop and Urban Outfitters.

Lisbon, Portugal.

I hope that you had a wonderful July too, and I wish you a great August as well. Stay tuned for more details on my travels every Sunday and Wednesday (starting next week).

Chelsea Elizabeth xx

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