Behind the Scenes with Hi Char

Image provided by Charlene.

Think pale pink walls, splashes of colour and a tidy mess: this is the tiny little bedroom where Hi Char has emerged from.

I walk in and meet designer Charlene Caday, who is finishing her cereal on her couch, replying to emails and organising her busy schedule.


I cannot help but look around – I am immediately drawn to Hi Char’s latest collection, which hangs on a steel clothing rack. Charlene’s sewing space is next to this, and she tells me that she is working on a new garment for a client.


We sit down on her comfy couch.

So Charlene, tell me what has inspired Hi Char’s latest collection.

It’s hard to pin point a single thing that has inspired me, because I would look at a fabric or colour and create an idea in my head that I wanted to make. For this collection, it was all about loose-fitting, oversized silhouettes, and the layering of clothing with printed and colourful fabrics.

Image provided by Charlene.

Tell me about Hi Char’s style.

I would say that Hi Char’s style is unique. It has its own signature print. I like to be different with what I create, but I still want my pieces to be wearable.

Considering how competitive the industry is, you really need to have your own look to be remembered, and to stand out. With this in mind I’m always playing around with colours and shapes. I love mixing colours that you don’t normally see together, to give the garments a quirky look.


What does your latest collection encapsulate? 

This collection is all about being creative. It’s my first collection, hence my excitement towards having it presented at Third Platform. I want people to think, “she must be really happy with where she is in life,” because I am happy, and I want my collection to reflect this. I love fashion. It’s my passion. I love making garments that make me happy, and that’s exactly what my collection is about, being happy.

Charlene adds that she marks being ethical as a priority, as she recycles fabrics and wastes little.

Sketches 2

I cannot help but be impressed by Charlene’s work with Hi Char. Her label is all about having fun with fashion, and playing around with different colours and silhouettes. A big thank you to Charlene for enabling me to have a behind the scenes look at Hi Char!

Keep updated with Hi Char on Instagram and Facebook, and email enquiries to

Chelsea Elizabeth xx

P.S. Please seek permission before using any pictures in this post.


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