Road Trip: The Epicurean, Red Hill

To really make the most of a long weekend, a road trip is a must! Last weekend, my family and I did exactly just that. We decided to drive up to Red Hill for the day, and enjoy lunch with friends.

I was driver for the day. It was quite a lengthy drive, but I was too busy admiring the scenery to notice – the greenery was incredible! I even opened up the sun roof as the weather allowed, and could not help but notice how clean and crisp the air was.


Upon arrival in Red Hill, we went straight to The Epicurean and met up with our friends. The Epicurean was so warm and inviting. The room was covered in sunlight, which seeped through the large glass roof. The sounds of clinking glasses, people laughing and groups chatting away filled the room. The atmosphere was just buzzing, and not one seat was left empty.

Cocktail anyone?

It was around 1pm when we sat down, and we were definitely ready to eat! To begin with, we ordered a few entrees to share: polenta chips, antipasto platters and even arancini. For our main meal, we each ordered our own dish. I enjoyed delicious homemade ricotta ravioli accompanied with roast pumpkin and spinach… #yum


Lunch was so relaxing. We ended up staying at The Epicurean for a few hours. It was lovely to have such a calming Sunday lunch, with nowhere to rush back to. A big thank you to my parents and our friends for such a beautiful day!

Chelsea Elizabeth xx

P.S. All pictures belong to me, except for the cover image, which is sourced from here.


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