Christmas Countdown – Series Three

“They’re singing Deck the Halls,

but it’s not like Christmas at all.

I remember when you were here,

and all the fun we had last year.”

– Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) –


I love Christmas. Growing up, my Nanna instilled in me the importance of love and unity during Advent. It was Nanna who inspired my own passion of giving and connecting during this time of the year.

In May this year, my beautiful Nanna passed away. Some of the dearest times that we shared were at Christmas. We celebrated the holiday season together in various ways, some including setting up her Christmas tree and baking Scottish shortbread together.

Nanna and I
Christmas was a time of love for Nanna. Above is Nanna, Nanna’s dog Prince and I sharing Christmas together.

Tomorrow will be the first Christmas without my Nanna. I will miss her telephoning us as soon as we would wake to wish us a merry Christmas, and visiting her at her home filled with Christmas decorations from top to bottom!

Though this time of year is difficult without Nanna, I know that she would have wanted us to keep her absolute love of Christmas alive. I have continued our traditions by setting up her tree, baking shortbread, and spreading love and joy just as she did. While Nanna may not be here, through maintaining the spirit of Christmas, I have felt so connected to her.

This post is dedicated to my Nanna – the strongest, most caring and most generous figure in my life, someone who was more of a second mother than a Nanna to me.

Lots of love this Christmas,

Chelsea Elizabeth xx


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