Givenchy on the Go

Established in 1952, Givenchy continues to produce some of the world’s finest high fashion pieces. Back in June I received the Givenchy Pandora mini leather shoulder bag in metallic silver, and I have worn it every weekend since.

The Givenchy Pandora mini leather shoulder bag.

The colour

The main body of the bag is metallic silver, making it edgy and versatile in nature. Yet the use of black leather on the side and strap of the bag (also with light brown) gives balance to the colour in its entirety.

The size

The size of this Givenchy piece is practical. It easily fits my mobile phone, a small purse, and a lipstick. While this is the case, the unique shape of the bag does make it awkward to open at times, especially when I am in a rush.

Daytime or evening?

The shoulder strap can be manipulated to make this bag suitable for daytime or evening. When I wear this bag casually (like going out for lunch or going shopping), I wear it cross-body. In the evening however, I let the bag hang on one side of my body. Lesson learnt; never underestimate the power of a shoulder strap.

Givenchy leaves its mark on the fashion world with its interesting and refreshing pieces that are both bold and functional. I look forward to watch the evolution of this luxury fashion house.

Chelsea Elizabeth xx

P.S. The picture above was taken by me, and should be credited if used.





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