A Spirited Summer

I know that I am a little late to say it, but it is finally summer. Does it feel like it? No. In fact, as I write this post I am wearing my favourite winter sweater with sweatpants. Summer, where have you gone?

Regardless of the weather Melbourne presents during its summer, this season is essentially the time to sport your cutest and brightest of clothes. Abiding by this general rule of thumb, I purchased a gorgeous Seed Heritage Bluebell Romper quite a while ago, and have been saving it for summer.


When I envisioned wearing the denim romper, I saw it in my mind in a casual, yet chic style. So, I decided to pair the Seed Heritage piece with Stuart Weitzman ‘Sparta’ Knee High Leather Gladiator Sandals. I feel that these silver statement shoes are balanced by the simplicity of the denim jumpsuit, and work well to create an overall summery look. I have also paired my outfit with the ultimate summer accessory – sunglasses (protect your eyes from the sun everyone)! These sunglasses are my pride and joy, and are from Miu Miu (circa 2012).


Summer is all about being colourful. This is not limited to one’s outfit and accessories though. Why should it be, anyway? Summer is the perfect time to play around with some bold makeup looks. Natalie from Peace, Bliss & Beauty (find her on Instagram here) did this particular look on me, and was inspired to use shades of pink and coral for my eyes. Natalie also contoured my face – which I loved! For my lips she combined two shades of nude lipstick from Shanghai Suzy.

I encourage you all to be bold and spirited this summer – take risks. Most of all though, remember to have fun.

Chelsea Elizabeth xx

P.S. A big thank you to Natalie from Peace, Bliss & Beauty (find her on Instagram here) for my makeup, and to Daniel for taking the photographs.

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