Lunch at Serotonin: Eatery, Exercise + Education

With its bright and abundantly filled dishes, I do not doubt that you have already seen pictures from Serotonin: Eatery, Exercise + Education located in Burnley, floating about on social media.

After much anticipation, I was excited to finally try out Serotonin’s menu with Ingrid and Bella, and we were not left disappointed.

To start with, we each ordered drinks. I ordered the Cacao Latte, a type of hot chocolate made with raw, organic cacao and cacao butter… It was both warming and delicious!

My yummy Cacao Latte!

For lunch, we each ordered different dishes. Ingrid ordered the Olive and Pumpkin Bruschetta, Bella ordered the Positive Pancakes, and I ordered the Mexican Corn Fritters. Each dish was beautifully presented – with love and care, and not to mention flavoursome!

Bella’s Positive Pancakes.
The Mexican Corn Fritters (yes, they even decorated the plate with popcorn)!

At Serotonin, the food is mostly plant-based, and of a high quality. This makes eating there absolutely guilt-free as you are ultimately fuelling your body with nutrient rich foods.

If you are interested in eating ethical, and tasty food, I could not recommend Serotonin enough!

Chelsea Elizabeth xx

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