A Day at the Races

Yesterday Olympia and I ventured off to Flemington Race Course for the last race of the season: Emirates Stakes Day.

The Marquee

Olympia and I were invited into the Crown Marquee, and spent our entire day there.

Front of the Marquee
The front of the marquee.

It was a lovely marquee, filled with a buzzing atmosphere. The food was great, and the people were friendly.

I could not help but admire the marquee’s floral arrangements, that used a pastel colour scheme. It was gorgeous and clearly well thought about.

The Outfit

My favourite part about the day, was dressing up – of course.

I wore a white Alex Perry ‘Lea’ dress.


For those of you that have followed Frenchy for a while now, you will know that I wore a red Alex Perry gown to my high school graduation. What I love most about Alex Perry, is how well he structures his dresses. I find that both of the Alex Perry dresses I own fit in all of the right places. They accentuate curves, but still create an overall flattering silhouette.


I accessorised my outfit with a Miu Miu headband from someone that I truly treasure with all of my heart. In terms of jewellery, I wore pearl studs, and a Lisa Ho diamante bracelet (that I wore to my debutante ball).

I wore a light pink Coach bag with a silver chain, to tie in the silver from my headband and bracelet.

For shoes, I wore nude coloured Christian Louboutin pumps. I wear these to many functions as they are the comfiest pair of heels that I own.

The Hair

I had my hair done by Sharnee, who went for a half-up/half-down type of style, inspired by the hairstyle I wore when I dressed up as Ariana Grande. I had hair extensions put in to add length and thickness to my natural hair, and these were curled.

The Makeup

I had my makeup done by Sharnee, who also did my hair. As the races are held during the day, we opted for a very natural makeup look, going a little heavier on the eyes than my lips (to balance things out). The eyeshadow used was predominantly of earthy colours. In addition to this, I had winged eyeliner, and a few eyelash extensions glued in.

For my lips, I wore a simple light pink colour, which tied in with the look I was going for.

As you may have noticed, I had a tan done for the races. Usually I do not get instant tans, but as I was wearing a white dress, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try one out. I got it done at a local beauty salon, and I was quite happy with the result.

Hair and Makeup (Salon)
My hair and makeup at the salon – done by Sharnee.

I can honestly say that both Olympia and I had the best day. A big thank you to Crown Resorts for having us.

Chelsea Elizabeth xx

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