5 Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

In late June, I decided that I wanted to start eating a plant- based diet. My decision was founded on the fact that I always felt tired and dull.

People are often cynical about giving up meat and dairy products. I have found it to be a life- changing experience, and thought I would share the benefits with you all.

Fruit Platter
Now that I am plant- based, I eat much more fruit! This platter consists of frozen raspberries, strawberries and orange slices.

1. Being more educated

Before venturing into this new lifestyle, I was so blinded by the foods that I ate. I actually thought that peanut butter (along with many other foods) was healthy and nourished my body. I never knew what GMOs were (Genetically Modified Organisms), and only discovered how many unknown ingredients actually go into our food.

2. Glowing skin

The first thing I noticed when I gave up meat and dairy products, was how my skin cleared. Prior to this experience, my face was always quite red and dull. When I began eating more plants and drinking more water, my skin just glowed. Even my family and friends began complimenting me on my skin, which was a big deal!

3. Feeling more energetic

When I ate highly processed foods and dairy products, I always felt tired. After each meal I felt sluggish, and in the afternoons I would just crash. Now, the food I eat fuels my body, and I can actually stay awake throughout the entire day!

Eating mostly raw foods has also given me the energy to exercise again. I now exercise three to four times a week, and actually crave exercise (who would have thought).

4. Being more involved in the process of making food

I never used to be involved in making my food as much as I am now. I now make my own nut milk (using either almonds or cashews), as well as smoothies, zucchini pasta, salads and raw desserts.

5. Feeling happier

It sounds so corny, but I really have felt so much more happier and alive since embarking on a raw food lifestyle. Everyday I feel inspired to nourish my body and take care of my health using food in conjunction with exercise.

Leave a comment below for more health related posts.

Chelsea Elizabeth xx

P.S. I am in no way a medical professional. This blog post is based on my experiences only.

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