Highlighting and Contouring Workshop

Both my friend Olympia and I are obsessed with makeup at the moment. So, we decided to learn more about makeup and take a highlighting and contouring workshop run by the National Academy of Beauty.

The class began at 6pm, where we listened to one of the makeup artists as she told us the purpose of contouring and highlighting. She explained that contouring is used to make facial features appear smaller, whereas highlighting is used to accentuate a particular facial feature. We then watched the makeup artist demonstrate on someone how to highlight and contour, in a way that was soft and natural.


At around 7pm we were then told to pair up and given the chance to highlight and contour our partner’s face! To start with, Olympia did my makeup. She began by applying foundation and then concealed, powdered, contoured and highlighted my face.

Chelsea's Makeup
Mirror selfie with my highlighted and contoured face!

I then did Olympia’s makeup following the same steps.

Olympia's Makeup
Olympia’s makeup done by me!

In terms of products, we used a palette from Inglot Cosmetics. Both Olympia and I really loved the blush, highlighting powder, and the highlighting liquid from Inglot. To contour, we used a powdered bronzer that we received as a complimentary gift for our attendance.

It was so good to finally learn the proper way to highlight and contour. I highly recommend attending one of these workshops if you are also interested in beauty. Apparently there are more classes being developed including a braiding one! (#yay)

Chelsea Elizabeth xx

P.S. Feature image via au.eonline.com.

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