To try something different, I thought I would do a question and answers styled blog post. I asked you all via social media to send me any questions that you may have about myself, and my experiences as a blogger. Here are some of the questions that I received:

What is your favourite thing about blogging and where do you find your inspiration to blog? – Olympia

I guess what I love most about blogging is that you have the freedom to talk about whatever you want. There are no rules or guidelines. It is all up to you.

My inspiration for my posts generally comes from my own personal life. If I have an event coming up where I know I am going to get dressed up, I feel inspired to share it with others. This applies for adventure posts, where I know I will be going out for a meal to a certain café or restaurant, which gives me the perfect opportunity to openly share my experiences (wherever I go) – good or bad.

What do you love to write about? – Meaghan

My heart always lies within fashion and beauty. I guess I have always been passionate about style and expression through clothing, and that is why I am always looking at ways to share the way I dress and accessorise my outfits with you all. I have recently begun writing personal posts as well, which I find really enjoyable too.

Where do you see yourself in the future in regards to blogging? Would you be open to turning it into a career? – Jaimee  

I am a dreamer and believer, so I definitely love to picture myself as a fashion journalist. Whether this means writing for Frenchy or another publication, I would love to turn fashion writing, or writing in general into a career.

What advice would you give to those who want to start blogging? – Gerravie

In the words of Shia Labeouf, “Just do it”. I believe that if you are interested in blogging, then you should definitely just go for it. Start a blog, and start writing. See where it leads you, and have fun along the way. My biggest advice would be to blog for yourself and nobody else. Do not worry about what other people think. As long as you are doing something you enjoy, then the experience of blogging is so worthwhile.

Why is your blog called Frenchy?

This is a question I get from everyone! It is a little bit of a long story, but here it goes!

In 2009 I travelled to Paris with my family. One day while shopping, I found a pair of white canvas shoes that I really loved. They were hand painted with love hearts and swirls, and even had ribbon laces. I know what you might be thinking, but I was only thirteen at the time!

Following Paris, we travelled to Sicily, where we met up with my aunty, uncle and cousins from back home. One night, my cousins and I were shopping, when it had just begun bucketing down with rain. To my bad luck I stood in a deep, muddy puddle in my new shoes. I remember saying, “Oh no, my shoes from France”. Since then, my cousin Adrian (even six years later) has called me Frenchy, and I guess I saw it as the perfect blog name!

I hope you enjoyed this Q&A blog post. If you want to see more posts like this, remember to leave a comment below!

Chelsea Elizabeth xx

P.S. A big thank you to everyone who sent in questions, I really appreciate it!

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