A Weekend Away

It is always good to have a break, and what better time to do so than on university holidays! Over the weekend, my friend Jaimee and I were lucky to stay at Crown Towers, Melbourne. As expected, we had such a great time and we are both so grateful that we could leave behind all of our stress as well as work, and enjoy such a lovely weekend away.

Day One – Saturday

Jaimee and I arrived at Crown at around 3pm on Saturday. Upon arrival we checked in and were given the keys to our hotel room. Super excited, we took so many pictures of our room, and then decided to relax and slowly get ready for dinner.

Our luxurious hotel room.

When Jaimee and I go away together, I always curl her hair before we go out. This trip was no different, so before leaving for dinner I curled Jaimee’s hair using a GHD straightening iron. If you would like to know how I did this, leave a comment below and I will make a blog post dedicated to this.

Jaimee's Hair
Jaimee’s curled hair. (Very Ariana Grande!)

For dinner, we went to Cervo at Crown (our favourite place) and ordered what we usually do. I ordered the delicious pumpkin ravioli and Jaimee ordered the spaghetti carbonara. #NoRegrets

Pumpkin ravioli.

Post dinner, we decided to enjoy our hotel room, which for us meant watching a movie and ordering dessert from Room Service. We ordered chocolate fondants, which were AMAZING. (Seriously though, they were incredible.)

Bed Time
Time for bed!

Day Two – Sunday 

Our second day started with breakfast at the Conservatory (a lovely buffet). With an endless amount of choices, both Jaimee and I decided to go all out. We got eggs on toast, pancakes with strawberries and chocolate, as well as these lovely pastries. YUM!

Breakfast in style.
Brekkie… (Love heart eye emoji!)

What is a holiday though without some shopping, am I right? After breakfast, we headed straight for the Emporium, where we shopped to our hearts’ content. We both bought some great pieces. I bought a pair of Nike runners, a jacket from Gorman and some leggings from H&M. Jaimee also bought some Nike runners, as well as sneakers from Forever New and pants from H&M.

Sunday afternoon was spent watching the end of the movie from the previous night. The movie was Lucy starring Scarlett Johansson. It was quite a confusing movie that I felt could have been done a lot better! After finishing this, we went to dinner and met up with our friends Daniel and Lauren! We had such a funny evening, filled with lots and lots of laughter and some tasty food!


Day Three – Monday

Saddened by the fact that we were leaving our luxurious hotel room that had been our home for a couple of days, Jaimee and I began packing for our departure. Following this, we shared another beautiful breakfast at the Conservatory, indulging in many sweet and savoury foods… Unfortunately after this, we knew it was time we farewelled our beloved hotel room and returned to reality!

Yum, yum and yum!

Chelsea Elizabeth xx

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