Urban Projuice

Eating out can be quite difficult, particularly when you have food intolerances, or are simply concerned about eating ethically. Even if you do not have any special dietary requirements, it is not easy trying to find healthy options when eating out. With this in mind, a friend of mine recently recommended that I try Urban Projuice, and I finally did.

To eat, I ordered the Big Breakfast. This included poached eggs (scrambled tofu is also available) on sourdough, sautéed mushrooms, sautéed spinach, a Quinoa and corn fritter, as well as baked beans (not the tinned kind that you are thinking of).

Big Breakfast

My friend Daniel ordered the Cacao Yogo Bowl- a kind of smoothie with banana, avocado and cacao. How healthy, right?

Yogo Cacao Bowl

So many people hold the preconceived idea that eating healthily cannot taste good. Urban Projuice proves that eating wholefoods and supporting the environment does not have to be boring. With vegan Nachos and Kombucha on the menu, who could complain?

Both Daniel and I enjoyed our brunch at Urban Projuice and have agreed that we will return there soon!


Have you tried Urban Projuice or do you have another wholefood café to recommend? Leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you!

Chelsea Elizabeth xx

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