Today my cousin Laura and I went to the Emporium in Melbourne to escape this rainy weather. We always wanted to try The Tea Salon for high tea, so today we ticked that off of our Summer To- Do List.

We both had chicken and mayonnaise sandwiches (with no crusts), along with plain scones and a delicious panna cotta. Both Laura and I could not complain about the food or the service. The venue was beautifully decorated, and our tea cups were even designed by Leona Edmiston!

On our way back to the car park, we noticed an Adriano Zumbo patisserie and were in awe of the many different cakes and biscuits. I was especially amazed by the array of macarons. There were many flavours- marshmallow, peanut, popcorn, finger bun and even brownie (plus plenty more). I was in a state of euphoria by simply looking at these beautiful creations.

For $15 I bought a packet of 6 macaroons (yes $15… #expensive #yolo #worthit), and for $2.50 I bought one peanut flavoured macaron for the road.

You have not tasted a macaron until you have tasted a Zumbaron- trust me.

Chelsea Elizabeth xx


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